Why become a union member? I say why not.
In the past 4
9 years living in America, I have seen the stock market go through many up and down cycles. I have seen
my friends get rich just as fast as they became broke with  in a blink of an eye. I have watched families be ruined by
this cycle of greed.  
    These were good people with great expectations trying to live the American dream. They were taught this their
whole life growing up. You cannot fault them for that.  
     I, on the other hand was brought up in a hard working family that was a member of a union organization. I saw as a
kid that I wasn’t rich as some families in the neighborhood but we were definitely not the poorest. In good times and
bad we always seemed to do just fine. In fact in bad times we seemed to do better then most people.
    I remember my friend’s fathers getting laid off do to the failing economy. They would lose everything from there car
to there house and yes sometimes there family considering how bad it really was. I don’t know if I could live like that. It
would break my heart to see my family broken up.
    I was lucky as a kid to have a family affiliated with the union that brought my Dad great job stability.
    I guess you can say I was groomed to become a third generation family union member. To this day I look back  and
would not do it any other way.
     In fact I work for the same company as my Grandfather did in the early 1900’s. As a kid I remember my Father
striking twice and I myself twice in a 40 year period.  All  four times were for good reasons. No one wants to strike , its
food off our table and while raising a family that’s the last thing you want to happen.
     I am almost at the end of my career now, I will be retiring in t
wo years with a pension that will allow me at a young
age to watch my kids grow up and be there for them when they need me the most.
     I thank the union for that. For there hard negotiations and sacrifices  in the past for paving the way for future
members. I, myself am now a union official  and I'm giving back what was given to me to secure your future as a
successful union organization.
     I believe you should work for your union so your union can work for you and that together we stand strong  and
united we are one. I believe in fair wages, work rules, benefits and job security for all workers in America.
     This you can all have now. Organize with I.R.S.A. a true Supervisors union so we may represent you in the near
future. Become a Supervisors union member so you can obtain the benefits I have for the last three generations.  You
owe it to yourself and your family. Say yes to organizing and become a union member. Think big and build. Union -----
YES . I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. God bless America. Thank you.  

                                                            In Solidarity,
                                                       Jerry Gallagher Jr.
                                             V.P. Public Relations I.R.S.A. International